Melville Photography Club Inc.


Last updated August 2016

1. Structure of club competitions

a. Small prints and projected images competitions

These are held on the 2nd Thursday of February, April, June, August and October in both ‘Set Subject’ and ‘Open’ categories. On each competition night, members may submit one entry in each section (maximum four images in total). Each entry will be judged and critiqued by an experienced photographer. Judges are chosen by the committee. Judges award an unlimited number of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, based on the perceived merit of the images. The qualities required for Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are as follows:

Gold With Distinction Award:

  •       The image displays the highest level of excellence in art photography.
  •       All judging criteria are strong.
  •       The combined elements have produced a supreme example of art photography.

Gold Award:

  •       A very strong image displaying a high level of excellence in art photography.
  •       Most judging criteria are expertly handled. 
  •       The technical standard is very high.

Silver Award:

  •       A strong image with good evidence for classification as art photography.
  •       Successful visual communication has been achieved.
  •       Some elements are very good and the technical standard is high.

Bronze Award:

  • A sound image with at least one strong element.
  • There is evidence of an intention to combine skill and artistry.
  • The message is present but not strong. 
  • Any flaws are minor or compensated by other successful elements.

For the annual Club awards, Gold with Distinction awards receives 5 points, Gold awards receives 4 points, Silver awards 3 points, and Bronze awards 2 points.

All images submitted will receive 1 point as a minimum in addition to any of the awards given above.  All points count towards the Annual Competitions (see below).

In addition to the official judging, members are given a Members Choice voting slip and asked to choose what they consider the best print in the ‘Set Subject Small Print’ category only. These votes are tallied by the prints stewards and the Members Choice winner announced on the night. No competition-of-the-year points are be awarded for Members Choice winners.

b. Large Print competitions

These are held on the 2nd Thursday of March, May and September in ‘Set Subject’ only. Each member may enter one large print only in these competitions. An invited guest speaker will comment on the entries and make Gold with Distinction, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards as above.

c. Annual Competitions (based on accumulated points).

Annual awards are presented in each competition category (Projected Image Open, Projected Image Subject, Small Print Open, Small Print Subject and Large Print Subject) based on points accumulated throughout the year in monthly competitions. For each category, awards are presented to winners and runners-up for those gaining the highest and second highest aggregate points respectively.

d. Images of the Year Competition.

One projected image, one small print and one large print are selected by an appointed judge for the Images of the Year awards. All images having gained Gold or Silver awards in both subject and open competitions in the course of the competition year are eligible for judging. All entries must be made available for delivery to the appointed judge after the October meeting. All entries for these awards are judged as Open submissions.

e. Club Outing and Workshop Competitions

There may be occasions throughout the year when members are invited to submit two large prints on a subject relevant to a club outing or an educational workshop as arranged by the club. For these competitions, one winning entry will be selected by a guest speaker. There are no points given for the annual aggregate awards but the winning photographer receives a small prize at that meeting. However, these winning entries may be entered in the “Large Print of the Year” award.

f. Annual “Athol Wellman” Memorial Trophy.

Each July, members submit a group of four images in small print format in the following subjects: portrait, landscape, architecture and close-up; competing for a perpetual trophy with the winner determined by member voting.

g. Photo Rallies

One or two photo rallies may be held during the year. A small trophy will be awarded for the winners as selected by a vote of the members. Only photos taken at the specified time and place are accepted for entry.

2. Eligibility

Competitions are open only to Financial Members and Honorary Life Members of the Club.

3. Judging.

For all competitions, experienced judges/photographers are chosen by the Committee. In the unforeseen absence of a chosen judge, a members vote may take place in accordance with Item 4 below.

4. Voting by Members

In the unlikely absence of the invited judge, each member present is asked to select the projected image and print that they consider the best in each section and to place the relevant entry numbers on the voting slip provided. All votes have an equal value so that placings are awarded by competition stewards in accordance with the aggregated numerical values.

5. Point Scoring

Judges are instructed to select none, one or more Gold with Distinction, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in each competition category. The Gold with Distinction entries of each competition will score 5 points, Gold 4 points, Silver 3 points and Bronze 2 points. All images submitted will receive 1 point as a minimum in addition to any of the awards given. These points will count towards the annual competitions.

6. Subjects for Club Competitions

A program of set subjects for the club’s competition year and relevant dates is provided to members at or prior to the final meeting in December. Melville Photography Club acknowledges the value in freedom of interpretation and the artistic expression of subject matter and does not therefore ordinarily impose tightly restrictive definitions of subject properties. It is however expected that members will portray a recognisable rendition of the set subject.

7. Originality of Work

All projected image and print competition entries must have been photographed and post-processed by the member submitting them. Any photograph in which the main content is a representation of another artist’s pictorial work is not acceptable.

8. Eligibility of Entries

No image may be entered into more than one of the club’s competitions in the same year.  Images that have won a gold award in any Melville Photography Club competition may not be entered again in any of the club’s monthly competitions.

9. Presentation of Entries

a. Projected Images

All digital projected images must be submitted in JPG format. Images should be sized no smaller than, and preferably, 1920 x 1080 to best suit the club’s projector. Projected images must be submitted on-line here, one week before competition night. The club’s laptop will retain all projected images for the Image of the Year competition in December.

b. Prints

Small prints must be 12.4 x 17.8 cm (5 x 7 in). All entries must be mounted in a suitable mount board of maximum size no larger than 25 x 20 cm (10 x 8 in). The back of each print must be marked with category, membership number and title (e.g. Subject. Member 100. “Leaf Pattern.”; Open. Member 100. “My Garden”).

Large prints may be presented in WAPF mount boards or any commercially purchased or owner-cut matt with window sizes A3 (29 x 41 cm; 11.5 x 16 in), A4 (20 x 29 cm; 8 x 11.5 in), panorama (14 x 41 cm; 5.5 x 16.5 in), square (20 x 20 cm; 8 x 8 in), or any mount board no larger than 40 x 50 cm (15.75 x 19.75 in) on the outer edge. The back of each print must be marked with competition category, membership number and title as for small prints. All prints should have some sort of backing board to avoid damage.

Members names should not appear on any competition entries and all entries should be handed to the competition stewards no later than 7:30 pm on the night of the competition.

10. Trophies and Awards

All annual awards and trophies are presented at the December club meeting.