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Melville Photography Club Inc.

Our Club

Melville Photography Club meets every second and fourth week of the Month on a Monday at 7:30 PM. Meetings are held at the Kadidjiny Park Hall on Kitchener road from the beginning of February until the middle of December each year.

The second Monday of each month is an “Exhibition” night at which members’ projected and printed photographs are judged by either an external judge, generally by a professional or acclaimed amateur photographer. There is a nominated Subject for each exhibition, and members are allowed to submit a print and a digital image in both the Subject and Open categories. The Exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity for members to receive feedback on their images and use the feedback to improve their craft.

Our meetings on the fourth Monday are usually workshops, featuring guest speakers or photographic presentations by club members.

Meetings typically last 60–90 minutes and are followed by tea/coffee, biscuits and informal talk – an excellent way to learn and meet like-minded people.

Club membership experience, ranges from beginners to experienced and knowledgeable, all of whom are more than willing to share there experience and knowledge with others. With the learning atmosphere of the Club, members, however, experienced learn new techniques and styles from each other

In addition to the regular meetings, the Club has fortnightly gatherings in the local area, including Fremantle, to practice different Photography techniques and a regular “Coffee Collaboration” were discussions in the craft of photography including post-processing are discussed

The club has an annual outing, to a country town, where we have fun in photographing the local area and each others company.

Visitors are welcome to attend up to two meetings with no obligation to join the club.

Our History

This club was founded in 1964 by a small group of friends with an interest in photography and was then known as Cam 35 Camera Club.

In 2008 the club became an Incorporated Body and the name was changed to Melville Photography Club Inc.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in photography and a willingness to share, learn and enjoy the company of like minded people.

A copy of the Melville Photography Club constitution can be found here: Melville Photography Club constitution